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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our customers?

Our ďMake it MagicĒ music CDís are currently being used all over the world by magicians, clowns, jugglers, storytellers, ventriloquists, illusionists, motivational speakers, puppeteers, film producers, Gospel entertainers, balloon twisters, and even mentalists.

Why should you use our royalty-free music?

Our royalty-free CDís feature many different styles and moods.  But it goes way beyond that.  Our songs are not just one-dimensional music tracks.  You wonít hear canned or computer-generated sounds in our productions.  Every song has its own identity and features authentic instruments.  These are not just monotonous, repetitive backing tracks.  Our music has catchy melodies, intriguing counter-lines, compelling chord changes, tasteful solo sections and beautiful orchestrations.  There is a lot of depth and substance in our arrangements.  We use subtle film-scoring techniques to involve the audience and affect them emotionally.  This lets them experience your shows on a whole new level.  And it will make a huge difference to your act, no matter where you perform!  

Why can't I get the audio samples to play?

The audio samples on our website are streaming mp3 files and should automatically open in whatever program your computer uses as the default player for this type of file.  The program that will be used to play them may vary from computer to computer depending on your browser/media player software configuration.  Please note that streaming media files work best on high speed internet connections and if you are using a slow or dial-up connection, the files may take a long time to buffer. 

What is your Buyers Club?

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