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Client Comments

“Thank you for making my show a real hit! I own all of your CD’s and with them I was able to complete a long term goal. And that was to have a professional SOUNDING Stand Up Magic Show. Well, it has come true! Your CD’s put the perfect pace into my show. Everyone in attendance commented to me about how up beat and magical the show was. After almost six years of experimenting with different styles of music, it was YOUR CD’s that I chose to use. Your talents have answered my quest. THANK YOU!”
                                             - Ken Winters, Newport Beach , CA

“Arthur Stead’s ‘Make it Magic’ performance music took my show from ordinary to extraordinary!”
                                                      - Steve Taylor, Seattle , WA

“I cannot begin to tell you what a difference your CD’s have made in my act. I began adding music to my shows about three years ago, but it was always hard to find just the right piece. Then there was the question of legality, which nobody seems to be real clear on. Your music has been the perfect solution! There is so much variety in style and tempo that I have found something for almost every routine in my shows. And the audience response has been amazing!”
                                                       - Tommy Johns, Atlanta , GA
“We love the ‘Make it Gospel’ CD! Arthur has given the hymns modern sounds, upbeat rhythms, and exciting styles. I am thrilled with the result! A beautifully inspiring listening experience. It really is wonderful. I’d recommend it to anyone who does Gospel presentations. I’d also recommend it to anyone who simply wants to listen to some Gospel music. Of course, much more than that, I am excited to use it in our show!”
                                                           - Duane Laflin, Troy , MT

“Arthur's ‘Make it Magic’ CDs are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  Well worth the reasonable cost.”
                                                       - Bill Berkey, Las Vegas , NV 
“How fortunate the entertainment community is to have a musical genius willing to share his experience and talent with us. Arthur, being a performer himself, knows exactly what we need and is constantly putting out new and useable tracks.”
                                                      - Bruce Bray, Lakewood , NJ
“Your ‘Make it Gospel’ CD is quite simply … BRILLIANT! I love your other music CD’s, I use them all the time in my shows. With this new Gospel music CD, whole new possibilities are opened up. Many, many thanks for putting out such a great product. I’m looking forward to using the tunes in the very near future!”
                                                   - Mike Clark, Bristol , England 

“Arthur and Leslie … what DELIGHTFUL music! When I got the ‘Make it Magic’ CD I immediately slipped it into my computer tray so I could listen to it while working on a script. Needless to say, I soon quit what I was doing as the music filled my head and heart, leaving no room for mundane things! You two are WONDERFUL! I love the feel and attitude of your music … and it is so in-synch with what I like to use in my films.”
                                              - Charlene Dunlap, Pittsboro , NC
“Arthur’s ‘Make it Magic’ CD’s have exciting, creative, royalty-free music for every taste and situation. I’m using several cuts right now in my live shows!”
                                                        - David Ginn, Atlanta , GA 
“If you do ANY type of show you need Arthur Stead's ‘Make It Magic’ CDs! I've used these tracks in all types of venues: School Shows, Corporate Talks & Seminars, Workshops.  This is VERY usable music! This is not the same old stuff you're used to. Arthur’s CDs are AWESOME!”
                                                   - John Cooper, Anderson , SC

“Your ‘Make it Magic’ CD’s are really great! I’ve bought other royalty-free music, but when I found these gems I just knew they had to be part of my show. They are of the highest quality and you can really hear it when you play them on a good sound system. I use various tracks in my current kids show, and several tracks in my grownup shows. Thank you for producing such polished music!”
                                                 - Rob Gaffney, Alton, England

“I can hardly wait to incorporate your Music and Interactive Routines into my show. I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful products with the magic community. The music production combined with the motivational message will not only entertain my audience, they will also be inspired. Thanks again!”
                                              - Robert Wong, Alberta, Canada

“I am thrilled with your music, it is just first class. My mind is wildly racing and mentally matching my routines to your music. This music is going to take my show to a whole new level. Now comes the responsibility to make sure the routines are worthy of the music!”
                               - Billy James, New South Wales, Australia  

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